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Forced-choice Tests (e.g., multiple-choice, true/false)

Information Competency Proficiency Exam - Gavilan College - "Use or modification is permitted as long as acknowledgement is made to the Bay Area Community Colleges Information Competency Assessment Project."

Information Literacy Survey - from Worcester Polytechnic Institute - The assessment begins on p. 70 of the document.

Information Competency Assessment Instrument -- developed by Rodney Marshall, Eastern Illinois University -- a 40-item scale assessing information users' attitudes and practices -- see paper describing instrument's development

Skills Assessment -- from Stanford University -- each of six modules includes 10 multiple-choice questions as a final skills assessment for the module

Information Literacy Skills Assessment -- from Millikin University -- 15 multiple-choice questions -- scroll down to Appendix A

Information Literacy Survey - from San Jose State University -- 11 multiple-choice questions -- scroll down to Appendix A to view assessment

Student Information Literacy Survey - from Texas Lutheran University -- 25 multiple-choice questions

Sports Medicine Information Literacy Test -- from West Chester University -- 12 multiple-choice questions

Beile Test of Information Literacy -- developed by Penny Beile

Information Literacy Assessment -- from Madonna University Library, pre- and post-tests

Research Practices Survey - from the HEDS (Higher Education Data Sharing) Consortium - 37 sample items from its survey

TRAILS (Tools for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) -- from Kent State University -- "There are two general assessments (30 items each), as well as two 10-item assessments in each of the five categories (Develop Topic; Identify Potential Sources; Develop, Use, and Revise Search Strategies; Evaluate Sources and Information; Recognize How to Use Information Responsibly, Ethically, and Legally). The assessment pairs are parallel in terms of concepts addressed and may be used as pre- and post-tests." -- Free for use by library media specialists and teachers

SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) -- also from Kent State University -- SAILS is a 45-item multiple-choice, college-level test aligned with the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. "Students are directed to the SAILS web site to take the web-based test. Each student may take the test once per administration. Responses are sent to a central database where data are analyzed and reports are generated and made available for download in PDF." "The SAILS test asks students questions about research strategies; selecting sources; understanding and using finding tools; developing and revising search strategies; evaluating results; retrieving materials; documenting sources; and legal and social issues related to ethical and effective use of information. The test identifies areas where students have strong information literacy skills and where skills need to be strengthened." There is a per-student fee for participation.




Authentic Assessments (see Authentic Assessment Toolbox)

Portfolio Assessment -- from Teesside University -- description of portfolio assignments can be found in the appendix of this article, beginning on p. 32

Information Literacy Skills Survey -- from the Plano (Texas) Independent School District -- a series of fill-in-the-blank and short essay questions for the middle school level

LILO (Learning Information Literacy Online) Tutorial plus Rubrics -- from the University of Hawai'i Libraries -- The first link takes you to an online tutorial that can be used as part of a course or completed independently. A nice feature of the tutorial is that you can have students complete journal entries associated with specific information literacy skills in response to specific prompts. Those journal entries can then be evaluated with the rubrics found at the second link.




Information Literacy Rubric - from McKendree College

Technology and Information Literacy Rubric - from Palm Beach State College

Information Literacy Rubric - adapted by Palm Beach State College

Information Literacy Assessment Rubric - from Rivier University

Information Literacy Rubrics - from the University of Pittsburgh

Information Literacy Rubric - from the University of New Orleans

Information LIteracy Rubric - from Southwest Minnesota State University

Information Literacy Assessment Rubric -- from the University of Houston -- scroll down the article to the end to see the final rubric

Information Literacy Rubric -- very detailed rubric from University of California-Irvine Libraries

Information Literacy VALUE Rubric -- from AAC&U

Information Literacy Rubric -- from Southern Oregon University

Information Literacy Rubrics -- from West Chester University

Information Literacy Rubric -- from the New Jersey City University

Cited References Rubric -- from the University of Central Florida

Information Literacy Rubric -- from Utah State University - adapted from AAC&U



The Libraries at Washington State University has a list of internally-developed information literacy tutorials.

Texas Lutheran University also has a long list of tutorials, collected by Mark Dibble.




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Compiled by Jon Mueller (, Professor of Psychology at North Central College, and author of the Authentic Assessment Toolbox.

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