Assessing Critical Skills

by Jon Mueller


Table of Contents


1. What Do Students Need to Succeed?

2. The Critical Skills Students Need [Sample Chapter]

3. Critical Skills for School, Work, and Life

4. Authentic Assessment: What Is It?

5. Authentic Assessment: How Do You Do It?

6. Assessing Skill Development

7. Assessing the Ability to Monitor One's Progress and Performance

8. Assessing Information Literacy Skills

9. Assessing Collaborative Skills

10. Assessing Skills at the School and District Level

11. Starting Small (Meaningful and Manageable)


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Assessing Critical Skills
Jon Mueller
ISBN: 1586832824
144 pages

We ask students to memorize reams of information that they will rarely if ever use again, but we often fail to teach them the critical skills needed to meet the daily challenges of the 21st century, skills such as information literacy, collaboration, metacognitive reflection, and self-assessment. One reason we have shied away from teaching such skills is that we are unsure how to assess them. Thus, in this text I offer a detailed set of steps and examples, including rubrics, of how to summatively and formatively assess the skills our students need. For K-16 educators.