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About the Author

Jon Mueller is Professor of Psychology at North Central College in Naperville, IL. For more than 20 years he has taught a graduate course entitled "Assessment Strategies for the Classroom" as part of North Central's Master's of Education program. Jon has also consulted with teachers, schools and districts, colleges and universities, on the development, review and revision of assessments and standards/outcomes.

Jon decided to take the expertise and materials he has developed and share them with other educators through this site. Most of the examples come from teachers who were students in Jon's graduate course and who graciously permitted Jon to share them with you.

Dr. Mueller can be contacted at:

Jon Mueller
Department of Psychology
North Central College
30 N. Brainard St.
Naperville, IL 60540
Phone: (630)-637-5329
Fax: (630)-637-5121


Other Assessment Publications Available Online

"The Authentic Assessment Toolbox: Enhancing student learning through online faculty development" -- published in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (2005)

"'Closing the loop': Assessment drives learning" -- published in Hot Topics (Fall, 2004) with Dr. Marion Hoyda

Portfolios and Rubrics, two chapters excerpted from the Authentic Assessment Toolbox and published in Performance Assessment, third in a series of planning resources from the Small Schools Project



Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology -- thousands of annotated and well-organized links for instructors of social psychology and related courses

Assessments of Information Literacy Available Online





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