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Geometry - Rearrange the Room

Content Standards:


...measure quantities using appropriate units, instruments, and methods.

...setup and solve proportions.

...develop scale models.

...estimate amounts and determine levels of accuracy needed.


Process Standards:


...organize materials.

...explain their thought process



You want to rearrange the furniture in some room in your house, but your parents do not think it would be a good idea. To help persuade your parents to rearrange the furniture you are going to make a two dimensional scale model of what the room would ultimately look like.


1) You first need to measure the dimensions of the floor space in the room you want to rearrange, including the location and dimensions of all doors and windows. You also need to measure the amount of floor space occupied by each item of furniture in the room. These dimensions should all be explicitly listed.
2) Then use the given proportion to find the scale dimensions of the room and all the items.
3) Next you will make a scale blueprint of the room labeling where all windows and doors are on poster paper.
4) You will also make scale drawings of each piece of furniture on a cardboard sheet of paper, and these models need to be cut out.
5) Then you will arrange the model furniture where you want it on your blueprint, and tape them down.
6) You will finally write a brief explanation of why you believe the furniture should be arranged the way it is in your model.
Your models and explanations will be posted in the room and the class will vote on which setup is the best.


The students will be assessed on the following criteria.


1) Accuracy of calculations.

2) Accuracy of measurements on the scale model.

3) Labels on the scale model.


1) Organization of calculations.

2) Neatness of drawings.

3) Clear explanations.

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